The Early Years Program at Sunrise School focuses on building character, as well as knowledge. Students will learn basic English skills and social skills. They will learn how to cooperate and become a productive member of a community. They will learn social responsibility and problem solving skills.

English: Students will learn to read and write letters in English. They will learn how to sound out words phonetically. Students develop skills to build a foundation for reading.

Math: Students will learn to read and write numbers. They will count and compare different objects. Students will learn basic math operations.

Science: Students will learn about the world around them. They will learn about plants and animals. They will learn basic observational skills.

Phonics: Students will get ready for reading by understand the connection between letters and their sounds.

UG5: Students will learn to develop good habits. They will learn about hygiene, manners and healthy living. At Sunrise School we strive to develop students into global citizens.

IAMA: Students are trained to use an abacus. They will use this ancient calculating tools to develop their mental math skills.

Arts & Crafts: Students will build their artistic abilities by creating different crafts and completing art projects. Art can build students creativity and imagination.


English: Students will learn reading comprehension skills. They will focus on identifying and understanding important information in texts. Students will improve both technical and creative writing skills. At Sunrise School, we understand the importance of being able to express oneself in writing.

Math: Students will learn critical math skills. We also focus on using math to solve realistic problems. Students will develop problem solving skills with our math classes and Problem-Solving Club.

Science: Our project-based science curriculum allows students to learn science in a fun and interactive environment. Students work together to create projects to demonstrate what that have learned in each unit.

ICT: Students learn the basic of information communications technology. They learn how to use a variety of programs in our hands on ICT program.

Chinese: All students will spend two hours per week studying Chinese. They will learn vocabulary and conversational skills from our Chinese teacher.

PE: Students learn the importance of physical fitness and how it contributes to our health.